Story So Far

Psychotel re-opened it’s doors in 2013 whilst the hotel was under renovation. It was unknown as to why the hotel had previously shut down. The hotel manager (Richard Underwood) did everything he could to ensure guests enjoyed their stay at the hotel as long as they followed a strict list of rules. One of these was that guests were not to go into the cellar under any circumstance. It was eventually discovered that due to the high levels of paranormal activity experienced at the ancient hotel the previous guests had become traumatized. In fear of the guests leaving the hotel and spreading bad reviews Richard locked them away in the cellar to ensure that his family business could continue.

One of the last group of guests to visit the hotel recorded their stay to document the events that unfolded throughout the night. Due to this footage leaking online the hotel was shut down and the authorities demanded that improvements be made before Richard would be allowed to reopen.